Add/View/edit/Delete/print teachers details

To add a new teacher into the system follow the steps below.

  • Open settings and click on “Add teachers”


  • On the new form key in the teacher’s details and click “Add teacher” to save the details.


  • Now to view the teacher that has been created, open settings and click on “View teachers”


  • A list of teachers recorded in the system will be displayed as shown.


  • To find a specific teacher, type the name of the teacher in the search bar


  • Once you have located the teacher, you can click on the “Edit” button to edit the teacher’s details.


  • You can edit the details such as names or email address of the teacher then click” Update”


  • You can also print the details or save them as a pdf file.
  • One can also set an account for the teachers by clicking on the create account button and setting up the password for the teachers.
  • To delete a teacher one must ensure that the teacher is not linked to any class.(This can be achieved under Timetable->Settings->Unlink Teacher.